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Women’s Rights

Family and Friends

Dads Don’t Babysit, They Parent

By On August 7, 2015

I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard a dad tell someone he was babysitting his own kid . “On Saturday I was babysitting Sally and Dick so my wife had… Read More

Family and Friends

Tales of a Toddler Fashionista: Why I Let My Daughter Pick Out Her Own Clothes

By On October 2, 2014

If you’ve ever met us for a dinner or a play date or even follow me on Instagram, you have seen some of Harper’s more interesting outfits and I’ll be the first… Read More

Just Me

A Letter to the Woman Who Told Me I Could Be Pretty If I Wore Makeup

By On October 19, 2013

“Earlier, watching her apply mascara with ritual concentration, he’d wondered just how beautiful a woman had to be before she believed it.” -Alison Fell To the woman who told me I could… Read More

Books, Literature, and Comics

Count Me Amongst The Warriors, Saying Goodbye to Adrienne Rich : When a woman tells the truth she is creating the possibility for more truth around her." -Adrienne Rich

By On April 10, 2012

I’ve been in the fog of finals the last few weeks. It is rare that I pop my head up from behind my laptop or textbooks to do, read, or watch anything,… Read More