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20 Kids’ Books With Strong + Smart Female Characters

By On July 31, 2015

Today is Harry Potter’s birthday. It is also J.K. Rowling’s, who is very possibly one of the world’s most successful female writers. Yes, Harry Potter is about the BOY who lived but… Read More

Baby in pajamas sticking tongue out
Just Me

The Longest Shortest Time

By On June 19, 2015

After Harp was born, actually before she was even here, Deleting the Adjectives became a space for me to speak honestly about pregnancy,  motherhood and what being a person really feels like… Read More

tap shoes on hardwood floor
Le Guppy

A Letter to My Daughter’s Dance Teacher

By On June 15, 2015

Dear Miss Kristen, As you well know, Monday was Harper’s first recital of the year. What you probably didn’t know is that she’s been practicing every single day for weeks, preparing for… Read More

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5 Things I Promise I’ll Never Do to a New Mom

By On June 8, 2015

I’m going to go ahead and say it. Being a new mom is super hard. There is sleep deprivation and leaking boobs. Hormones that makes you sweat like Dennis AKA Newman from… Read More