Originally from Gary, Indiana, I am a writer and photographer lucky enough to live in the ever beautiful San Diego, California with my tech savvy husband, our dance obsessed five year old daughter, and two unruly miniature schnauzer mix rescue pups.

Reading, writing, and research are in my DNA but I always loved school and wanted to hone my skills. I received my bachelor’s degree in English from San Diego State University before going on to earn my master’s degree in library science from San Jose State University.

I’m a stress baker. I believe the Netflix was the universe’s way of saying maybe humanity isn’t so bad. Sushi is my favorite food and I drink Diet Coke everyday. My spirit animal is a fox. I spend as much of my life traveling as possible. I love books. Want to know more? Inquire within.

In 2009, I found out that by some cosmic alignment, I was expecting a child. That someone or something somewhere thought that I was mom material. That exponentially multiplying zygote would come to be Harper. That experience shook me. Indelibly, to my core. I struggled and in that struggle, as a millennial, I turned to the internet to quell my fears but what I found was the repetition of cliches and very little honest talk about the gravity of parenting and the weight it has on our personhood. Since then, Deleting the Adjectives has striven to be a sounding board for me and parents all over the world; a no BS look at parenthood and personhood post kids. DTA also preaches a progressive lifestyle and the content here reflects an attempt to move towards a world where everyone is free to flourish and feels safe to explore, love wins, and the freedom of choice is readily available. Topics commonly discuss diversity, women’s right, social justice,  freedom of information, the power our words hold, and the disarming of pervasive language.

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**Photo Credit : Chris Wojdak Photography**